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Families and children

The Larzac is a real playground for children and adults too...


Good ideas for families!

Aveyron Côté Sud

Aveyron Côté Sud
Millau proposes numerous sports, cultural, and discovery activities for children and year-round fun.
In Roquefort region, Bergerine, the mascot ewe, is your guide. You'll find zillions of ideas, activities, and places to discover in the special "Canailles" section of the Events Gazette.
On the Lévézou highlands, a special leaflet only for kids called "Le carnet de route des filous" makes them discover the land of the lakes.
Geoffroy, the friedly little gost who haunts the cité and the Château de Sévérac invites children to participate in a big discovery game.
As for "Hugues the Knight", he's off, handsomely dressed in his coat of mail, to conquer the Templar and Hospitaller sites of the Larzac.
A genuine treasure hunt for budding adventurers.

Ask to the Aveyron Tourist offices if you want to take part of these game!

Hugues Chevalier du Larzac

Hugues, the Knight

There are already more than one hundred of you taking part in Hugh's adventures. By becoming a member of the Club, you will be able to follow all the new stories. Thanks to the games you can learn more about the history of knights.
Then you too can become a true Knight.

During the summer season, don't miss the Children's day! Creative workshops, visits in costume, treasure hunts... each day a new discovery, for 6-12 year-olds!

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